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I love the way chance happenings can endure.  
The 3 central circles were all cut together and on picking

the outer one up to use for this sculpture the 2 inner

ones were still attached.  It created an interesting reveal

from one angle and a more solid form from the ‘front’,

so I kept all 3 and exaggerated their splay.  Giving two

very contrasting appearances depending on your

position, it also appears as if it could move in the wind. 

The COR TEN steel has yet to reach its full patina on the

surface which will be a dramatic contrast to the stainless

steel elements

online sale ONLY 

if you are at Sunshine Garden Centre 

£ 450


Location:   Sunshine Garden Centre

Materials:   COR TEN, stainless and mild steel


  • H   72 cm
  • W   43 cm
  • D   55 cm

Weight:   8.6 kg

Position:   Outdoors

Fixing:   There are holes in the base to mechanically secure to a plinth