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This sculpture is true to my original build method, which

is using all found materials.  Each component part I work

on individually, cutting if needed and giving it its surface

finish.  The key element / starting point for this piece was

the wave of mild steel, to highlight its form I place the

matt finished stainless steel section behind it, which also

has a curve to the left and straight edge to the right. 

It was originally going to be a wall piece, but I wanted to

make it stand alone, as it looked so beautiful on both

sides.  I named it Chakra as to me it suggested rising



online sale ONLY 

if you are at Sunshine Garden Centre 

£ 275


Location:   Sunshine Garden Centre

Materials:   Stainless steel and mild steel


  • H   87 cm
  • W   37.5 cm
  • D   18.5 cm

Weight:   10.3 kg

Position:   Outdoors

Fixing:   There is a hole in the base to mechanically secure to a plinth