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For this sculpture I had the COR TEN steel ring laser cut,

wanting to break its surface with some holes at specific

points, so it wasn’t quite so dense.  The inner ring of mild

steel was as it was found, salvaged from a scrap bin, it

already had 3 holes and to bring the two elements

together I welded a crescent of nails.  There are only a

few stainless steel parts which form a dramatic contrast

to the richly patinated surface, this piece is beautifully

established with its surface finishes it has been outside

since it was made.  The mild steel will rust more deeply

over time with the COR TEN steel only having a surface



online sale ONLY 

if you are at Sunshine Garden Centre 

£ 320


Location:   Sunshine Garden Centre

Materials:   COR-TEN, stainless and mild steel


  • H   84 cm
  • W   58 cm
  • D   27 cm

Weight:   10.4 kg

Position:   Outdoors

Fixing:   There are 3 hole in the base to mechanically secure to a plinth