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Orbit ii

The crescent and the ring of this sculpture I drew and

had waterjet cut from two different thicknesses of

COR TEN steel. I felt they worked together beautifully,

the planetary theme is a repeating motif in my work and

at the centre of these two pieces is the mirror polished

stainless steel sphere.  Which reflects you, your world,

your garden, your home and the sky, just perfect.


online sale ONLY 

if you are at Sunshine Garden Centre 

£ 525


Location:   Sunshine Garden Centre

Materials:   COR-TEN, stainless and mild steel


  • H   70 cm
  • W   77 cm
  • D   47 cm

Weight:   tbc

Position:   Outdoors

Fixing:   There are holes in the base to mechanically

secure to a plinth