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Having made Triii, I wanted to use it again as a core

element within a bigger sculpture.  To do this I cut

stainless steel round bar to suggest a frame with ‘Triii’ at

the centre, expanding, radiating energy, so I didn’t want

to contain it, the surround is left open.  The sculpture has

4 circular and 4 triangular parts.  The contrast of the

rusting metal and the high shine will increase as the

patina surface develops over coming months as this is a

new piece only completed in September 2017 and the

metal needs to evolve within the environment.


online sale ONLY 

if you are at Sunshine Garden Centre 

£ 380


Location:   Sunshine Garden Centre

Materials:   COR-TEN, stainless and mild steel


  • H   60 cm
  • W   39 cm
  • D   39 cm

Weight:   6.5 kg

Position:   Outdoors

Fixing:   There are 3holes in the base to mechanically

secure to a plinth