​​Having gained a diploma in interior design in 1989 I realised I needed to make with my hands, to understand how things connected.  I took a welder training course and within a year started my company Bizarre, applying my experience to make what I called functional metal art; candle holders, clocks, bookends, tables.  These I sold initially at weekends, at Greenwich Market.

I began working with scrap metal as it was accessible, and being based in Rochester, Kent was ideal. It’s a very industrial area and there was no

shortage of companies willing to let me raid their scrap bins.  I loved that the metal I used had a history, was discarded and yet had a beauty and a story untold.

To gain better knowledge and experience I have worked at times in the engineering and creative industries.  Between these periods my work developed into sculptural pieces and increased in scale. 

I have collaborated with artists, worked

with local councils, architects and completed a residency at a synchrotron.  I've won awards and sold in Bonhams, Harvey Nichols, galleries, The Affordable Art Fair, Chelsea Flower Show and Grand Designs Live.

The first year I showed at Chelsea Flower Show (2006) it poured! This allowed me to experience my work in nature. I realised that I loved how it was adsorbed into its environment.  It was exciting to watch beads of water hang like pearls off a sculptures crescent form, to hear the metal make a gong noise when the sun came out to heat it up and watch the shadows tell a story of time. 

So now, I have a collection of metal accumulated over nearly 30 years.  
From this I choose a key piece, a  primary form that will be the centre point. Then I introduce a collection of other shapes, tones and textures.

Working on each element  individually, cutting,  sanding or polishing  to expose and enhance its inherent individuality, when welded them all together, they become bigger than the sum of their parts .  

Often repeating motifs and forms that I just love, one being the sphere.   And for eleven years now  I've been getting metal cut, primarily water jet cutting.  To my own designs for more intricate details, this works exceptionally well for commissions or themed work.

Since developing my garden in recent months, I have reconnected with my love of nature. This has clarified my understanding, that I create sculptures so they adds another texture, tone and form to their surroundings.  Art that can reflect, distort or give a glimpse to a secret beyond.  Shapes that change and develop throughout the day and night, as the sun, moon and rain then make it their own.